Ps5 slim

PlayStation, the most popular of the game consoles, continues its rising trend with its fifth version. PS5 Slim, which is included in Sony’s PlayStation 5 series with an affordable price tag, was announced last month. The model is on sale. waszekwiaty

PS5 Slim sales price is set at $ 499.99
The highly anticipated affordable PS5 model is finally on sale. The sales price of the PS5 Slim model, of which we have previously included many leaks, is set at $499.99. The company states that there is only 1 DualSense in the sales package and that due to high demand, the sale of 1 device per person is allowed.

Sony came up with two different variants of the PS5 Slim model, just like the standard version. The company launched the PS5 Slim and PS5 Slim Digital Edition models, which are technically the same as the standard models, and developed a PS5 that is approximately 700 grams lighter than the standard version.