Medicine Report

Medicine report given by the doctors without borders, and a diagnosis: Severe
depression. A zippered compartment in the back of the black bag. In that compartment, a boy
with deep, black eyes, long eyelashes, raven hair and a genie-like gaze was looking at his
face. Elif added the following with great clarity to her words that came down from her
beautiful eyes and came with tears that had lost their meaning: This is my hope. They were

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the smallest and ugliest. It was now clear why a woman who had lost four of her six children
in an earthquake could be so silent and screamless.Elif Güzel was not living. This was the
photograph of me dead, and thus it was engraved on the walls in our heads. The time for
anger is long past, the time for explanation is long past, the time to sigh, the time to cry, the
time to remember. That’s how everything ends. The photo of Elif Güzel showing the end. In
this last photo, she will say, “Take me with my house,” Elif Güzel will say, “Take me by the
arm, she will identify the items that have been thrown from her house, whose bags have


migrated under the ground: Look, this bucket is mine, this is the fabric of that sofa bed, this is
it.” saying it’s my slipper. He would go to the big concrete that had landed on his four
children, he would tell the dimensions of that concrete, he would make a calculation in his
own mind, he would show the gray killer, the thickness of two cars, once again, and once
again, that he would say if it was that light, he would lift it with my hands: This is this, this,
this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this. …it was one of those moments when the memory was

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bored by the silence, defeated by a sound, a cup of tea, a broken memory: Mother, put
something in the bread, too. Sixteen fourteen, eleven and eight children she gave birth to each
time with the thought that she would be the next daughter. , the easiest was Abdurrahman, he
was born quickly. Cemal always played at the top of that slope, which one I got under the
rubble was his arm, his arms were never this cold, we were poor but never this cold, wear a
cardigan son, how cold is this summer night my son , we entered this house as a doorman.
That murderer, called the contractor, who increased his five-story leave to seven times with

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bribe, took my four children from me, he owed me a debt. you, you owe me so much, it will
be your chance to die with your death. Hope, oh my dear boy, where are your marbles, where,
where, where, where… He ignored the memories of the lemon yellow building in front of him,
which had turned into an old umbilical cord. Without finding a word to describe her identity.
As Elif Güzel from Van. As Beautiful Elif. As Dead Elif Güzel.I would only have happy
moments. I don’t know if you realize: that’s what life is: Moments, only moments. Self-

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fulfilling prophecy The next day, when they open the door of the refrigerator car, they find
Nick’s frozen body. The autopsy performed on him shows that he froze to death. But what
made this event extraordinary was that the cooling motor of the cooling car was broken and
not working. The temperature inside the wagon was 18°C, and there was plenty of air in the
wagon. Nick’s fear had formed a self-fulfilling prophecy. Last year, we spent our summer

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vacation in my grandparents’ cute village house with green trees. Every day of my vacation
was different. I was so free in the green meadows of the village. I was relieving the stressful
days of the city by walking around and playing with my peers. On a beautiful July morning,
my friend Hasan and I took our breath in the meadow as we got on our horses. It was my
greatest pleasure to gallop my horse. It was as if the wind was whispering songs of freedom in

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my ears. I was traveling so fast that I didn’t even realize that I had gone so far from the illage,
and moreover, that I had lost sight of Hasan. It was too late when my horse began to feel
restless and neigh. I immediately covered my eyes with my hand and took a good look round.
I was on the edge of a wooded area covered with trees. A small stream flowed in front of me,
curving like a snake. On the opposite bank of the stream was a small and charming hill
covered with pine and hornbeam trees and bushes.