Intel Raptor Lake

New information has come from the 13th Generation Raptor Lake processor family, which Intel will announce in the coming weeks. In the last presentation, Intel said that Raptor Lake models will come out of the box with a clock speed of 6 GHz and will overtake AMD. The company also claimed that it will find 8 GHz in overclocking and break the record.

Intel: 13th Generation will come with 6 GHz and can be increased to 8 GHz
Important information about the newest 13th Generation Raptor Lake family was shared at the Intel Tech Tour 2022 event held in Israel. Intel reported that it will beat AMD in terms of clock speed, and new models will run at stock 6 GHz. We know that the Ryzen 9 7950X runs at 5.7 GHz under normal conditions.

Intel has not disclosed which Raptor Lake model will run at stock speeds of 6 GHz. The latest information revealed that the 24-core (8 performance and 16 efficiency) Core i9-13900K model, which will compete with the Ryzen 9 7950X, runs at 5.8 GHz. So the 6 GHz model could be the Core i9-12900KS.

It should be noted that in addition to the stock clock speed, Intel is also assertive about overclocking. He said the liquid nitrogen Raptor Lake systems can reach up to 8 GHz. The company declared this figure as the “world overclocking record”. But the unofficial world record belongs to the AMD FX-8370 with 8.7 GHz.

Other information that Intel shared for Raptor Lake revealed that single-threaded loads will increase by 15 percent and multi-threaded will offer an increase of 41 percent. We will see the 13th Gen Raptor Lake processor family at the Innovation event to be held on September 27. The newest models are scheduled to hit the market in October. Intel thinks that 14th Gen processors will support the sale of Arc Alchemist graphics cards.

Apple showed in detail the new versions of the operating systems it developed for smartphones, tablets, watches and computers at the WWDC 22 event it held in June. Last week, it introduced the new iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods models. Today, it shares its new operating system developed for iPhones with its users. Here are the iOS 16 features and the models that will receive it…

iOS 16 aims to be an operating system where it is easier to communicate and share with new personalization features and developed smart technologies. With this version, many features and applications such as Lock Screen, Messages, Focus, Photos, Safari, Dictation, Wallet, Health and Fitness, Family Sharing, Privacy, Security and Car Play are offered.

Apple especially focused on the new Lock Screen at the iPhone 14 launch event. Here you can now customize with photos, change font styles, and add widgets such as calendar events of your choice, date, time zones, alarms and battery level.

In addition, you can create multiple lock screens and switch between them. In addition, since the notifications will now be collected at the bottom of the screen, we can say that a lot of space is left for the use of widgets. You can even open panels that allow instant viewing, such as live event tracking, between widgets and notifications.

Thanks to the Focus feature, you can mute the applications and people you choose, choose not to receive notifications, or unmute them only. Moreover, you can integrate it with the new Lock Screen. For example, when you go to work, you can switch to a new Lock Screen and automatically mute calls from your friends. Similarly, you can do the same for emails or group messages when you get home.

In the Messages application, there is an innovation that many people wish would come to WhatsApp and Telegram. You can now edit or completely undo a message you sent recently. In addition, you can mark as unread messages that you cannot reply at the moment and want to view later.

But that’s not all that’s new in the Messages app. Now, similar to the new feature coming to Instagram, you can watch videos with your friends in real time within the application. Of course, you can continue to talk about the content in the meantime. Additionally, you can share notes, presentations, reminders, and Safari Tab Groups.

You can share Safari Tab Groups not only through Messages, but also directly from Safari. You can even start a FaceTime call and review the tabs you’ve sent together.

Among the Smart Features, you can easily separate the object, person or animal you have determined in the photo from the background. In this way, you can get your dog as a png from a photo frame or share it as a sticker. Of course, with this feature, it should be noted that visual editing options have also been improved.

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