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“You are the owner of my heart,” and said
to his love, “Your wish is an order for me, let me do your wish immediately.” Intera said:
“There is a flower; its leaves are silver, its buds are diamonds, my father wants it from the one who wants to marry me”. “Wait for me,” he said to Intera, “I’ll go and fetch that flower

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right away, but where is it?” “Intera showed the flowing river with his finger; “Here it is at
the source of the river, my father says, it was necessary to walk for forty days to get there,
but no one who went has ever come again because they say that there was magic, the one
who goes does not come back because it is much more beautiful than

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here. Fill; “What could be more beautiful than you in this world,” he said to Intera, “I will return with that flower,
because I love you, because that beauty means nothing to me without you.” After you’re
full, you’re on the road. He walked by the river for forty days. All along the way, he thought

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about how much he loved Intera. He had Intera in mind, his only purpose was; that flower.
On the fortieth day, Hail got up early in the morning, washed his face from the river, andrealized that he was very close to the source from the coolness of the river’s water. He
continued on his way. A little later, he arrived at the source, there was a lake surrounded by

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all the greenery in the source, an islet in the middle of the lake, and that flower was standing
on the islet. He understood that it was the flower that Intera was talking about, from its
beauty. Immediately towards the island that began to swim. A man appeared before Dolun
when she landed on the island. To Adam Dolun; “Just as every rose has a thorn, its protector,

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I am also the guardian of this flower, if you have come to receive it; I am Salut, I will notallow this”. Dolun said with a confused and determined tone, “I will buy that flower and then
I will meet my love”. “Nothing can turn me away from my decision. Then you will listen to
me a little bit,” said Salut. Hail, convinced and collapsed on top of the clover, started to listen… “If you want something too much and you have no obstacles in front of you; you get
it. This is how life is, if a person overcomes obstacles, he can continue his life. If you are
going to do something for life, this flower removes the obstacles in front of you because it has a duty too. This flower blooms only once in 28 nights and sheds its shining seeds into the
lake, so the waters here rise and overflow from the river over time. Thanks to this river, the
greenery of this nature, people, animals live.” said Salut. Hail started to think, if he plucks
the flower, he will meet his beloved, but their river will dry up besides this. In the end, it
collapses on the head of the flower. It sees itself in its silver leaves Full, your flower. He has
Intera with him, but why are they both unhappy? In fact, Dolun sees the only worry in your
heart. As time passes, Dolun’s thoughts intensify in her head. He thinks of his unhappiness,
he thinks of a life without flowers, without Intera. Fill the flower that cannot be plucked fordays, they will not enjoy living anymore, they will begin to wait, thinking only about their
love. One night, while leaving the flower seeds, a bud fell into the lake on the hardened
heart of Hail, and suddenly it turned into a stone as big as the size of the love in Hail’s heart,
the stone was so big that it could not fit into the world, rose up to the sky and started to
rotate with the Earth. Thus, the heart of Dolun became the Moon to the Earth. After that
day, he showed the whole face of Dolun’s heart, all the shine of his love to the others, only
once in 28 nights; just like a flower that illuminated the world in those nights… Mustafa Tuna
is hiding this song he wrote to the woman he loves. Because this love wants this song not to
be known. The woman is getting married to someone else, Mustafa Tuna is getting married
to someone else. They both have children.


Second dose of Vaccine

Second-Dose COVID-19 Vaccine Proven Vital
Scientists from Stanford University started a comprehensive study to see the effect of Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines on the immune system. In the article published as a result of the study, it was revealed that the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine management triggered important immune cells in the human body.
Scientists from Stanford University started a study to investigate how Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines have effects on human immunity. For the article published on July 12, researchers who examined the COVID-19 vaccine produced by Pfizer revealed how important it is to get a second dose of the vaccine.
The antibodies of vaccinated volunteers were examined, their immune signal levels were measured, and the types of 242,479 individual immune cells were characterized. As a result of all these examinations, it was determined that a group of cells that are normally dormant and provide immunity were activated by the second dose.

B and T cells increased significantly with the second dose
As you know, the decisions taken for the number of doses of COVID-19 vaccines are constantly changing. While two doses seem sufficient for drugs with mRNA infrastructure such as Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, a third dose is considered necessary for inactivated vaccines such as Sinovac.

Scientists from Stanford University have started a new study for the Pfizer vaccine, where two doses seem enough. As part of this study, the immune system of people vaccinated at Stanford since December 2020 was examined, and the effects of the first and second doses of the vaccine on immunity were examined.
In the article, which was written as a result of long-term research, it was stated that the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine provides support to a part of the immune system that provides extensive protection. Bali Pulendran, a professor of pathology, microbiology and immunology, one of the lead authors of the study, said that after the second dose, they saw a significant increase in B and T cells in the immune system and fighting against the virus.
Stating that the number of the monocyte group that provides protection against viral infections increased 100 times with the second dose, Pulendran used the following statements; “The remarkable increase in the number of these cells occurred just one day after the second dose. The cells can act not only against SARS-CoV-2, but also against other viruses.”