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Of course, users who have exceeded 100 thousand followers for now, even if they cannot activate this feature yet, they can still generate income through the platform and cooperate with sponsor companies. In addition, they can make a profit through the live broadcasts they open, and if they have accounts on YouTube and similar platforms, they can increase their income through different applications by directing their followers there. A new product has been added to Apple’s AirPods alternative wireless headphones today.

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anitta Beats Fit Pro, which has been on the agenda with its leaks for a while and was finally viewed by Kim Kardashian, was officially announced today.
The new Beats Fit Pro comes as Apple’s most powerful innovative in-ear wireless headphones to date. The headset, which stands out with its comfortable structure, also attracts the eyes with its features.
The new Apple-signed Bets Fit Pro has been designed in a way that fits comfortably on ear shapes of different sizes. In daily use, this headset will not fall out of your ears easily thanks to its innovative design. In addition to the winged design, Bets Fit Pro promises satisfactory use with the features it offers.

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For example, it has many features such as one-touch pairing with iPhones, earplug testing, switching between iCloud devices, audio sharing and so on.
Bets Fit Pro using a customized sensor; minimizes the high pitch distortion produced by the flexible diaphragm with its innovative ventilation system. In addition to all this, Apple’s new headset is equipped with the H1 chip and; It comes with features such as active noise reduction, transparent and adaptive transparent mode.


When you turn on the active noise mode, the surrounding sounds are automatically blocked.
However, when you want the surrounding sounds to be heard, you will need to turn on the transparent mode. When you disable both, the adaptive sync mode will be activated. Besides the sound modes, it’s also worth noting that Apple’s new Beats product supports spatial sound.

The games that will be distributed for free on Amazon Prime do not end with the above.


The Demon Hunter sequel, New Chapter, Brakes are for Losers and finally the adventure-mystery game Secret Files: Sam Peters will appear in front of subscribers in November. Some of the games distributed free by Prime Gaming have a different method of adding to the library. In this case, in some cases, the site may direct you to Origin, GOG and Epic Games. That’s why you need to add the productions to your library through these platforms. Then you can add the games to your library by logging into your account on three platforms. A new development has been added to support content producers on social media. TikTok announced that it is working on a system called the Tip Box.


In fact, some users have already had the chance to experience this service on Twitch from live streaming platforms before. In the following period, platforms such as Twitter and YouTube integrated this feature into themselves.
This new feature, which is currently only available to some content producers, is expected to be shared with users with the updates to be offered by TikTok, first in beta and then in the stable version. Content producers who want to use this new feature of TikTok must have at least 100 thousand followers. .

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In addition, he needs to follow the rules of the platform, not be subject to age restrictions and be an exemplary publisher with good behavior. Then you can easily apply through the application. TikTok publisher jera.bean, with 1.3 million followers, share the moment when he discovered this feature and applied on the platform with his followers. Publishers using this feature, which is still in the testing phase, will be able to receive all the tips received until the general version is published, without interruption. Similarly, Twitter also switched to a tipping system and made it available without any fee cuts.
No information has been shared by the company about the exact release date of this new feature. However, it is said that the development process will gain a great speed after the appreciation of the users. In other words, it can be offered to all users in the very near future. However, it is not yet clear whether the tips will be cut or not.


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After billions of people worldwide were vaccinated, scientists turned their attention to the COVID-19 drug, which, together with the vaccine, could be effective in combating the virus. US-based biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences Inc announced that Remdesivir has a great effect against COVID-19 as a result of its extensive research on this subject. compilatori

Research continues to end COVID-19, which has been affecting our lives for about a year and a half and has claimed 4.55 million lives to date. After billions of doses of vaccine wearelondonmade were distributed all over the world, scientists started working on COVID-19 drugs, which they said would provide high protection against the virus when combined with the vaccine.

Remdesivir jopspeech was one of the most talked about drugs both in our country and all over the world. Remdesivir, which is the only drug approved for use in the treatment of COVID-19 by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), provides great protection against COVID-19, according to research by the joerg American-based biopharmaceutical company.

Remdesivir significantly reduces the rate of intensive care admissions. President of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci connstr previously commented on Remdesivir and stated that the drug has a clear cure in the treatment of COVID-19; “The data show that Remdesiviri has a clear, significant and positive effect on recovery time.” Fauci’s words were proven months embermanchester later, and Gilead Sciences Inc announced that Remdesivir was effective against COVID-19 on both early and advanced patients. According to the statements made, Remdesivir reduces the rate of intensive care hospitalization due to COVID-19 slipstone by 87%. The drug works well in patients with severe infections, but is also effective in patients in whom the infection has not yet spread much in the early period.

scientists working at Purdue University; after seven years of work, they succeeded in logoarts developing the ‘world’s whitest paint’, which helps combat global warming. It was reported that the paint keeps the environment it is in even cooler than an air conditioner. Scientists working at Purdue University in Indiana, USA; announced that they have developed the world’s whitest paint ever to acpirateradio combat global warming. It has been noted that the world’s whitest paint reflects 98.1% of sunlight, cooling the environment it is in even more than an air conditioner. Developed to reduce global warming:

The white paint developed by Xiulin Ruan, waytowhatsnext a professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue University, and her students has entered the Guinnes Book of World Records as the owner of the title of ‘the whitest paint ever made’. Stating that the paint was developed by him and his team with the aim of ‘helping to reduce global warming’, Professor Ruan said that the webb-dev paint that helps energy saving and climate change was obtained as a result of a seven-year study process.

The paint, which was developed in the university laboratory and was first born from the idea of ​​​​repelling sunlight from a building; It was stated that a surface coated with this paint cools below the ambient iu-bloomington temperature without consuming power, since it reflects 98.1% of sunlight and emits infrared heat and absorbs less solar heat. At the end of the research, it was discovered that the white paint used to completely paint a roof surface of approximately 92 square meters look-4 can provide a cooling power of 10 kilowatts. “This is more powerful than most home air conditioners,” said Professor Ruan.

An ordinary white paint, far from cooling the environment, actually makes it much warmer. It is known that 80 to 90% of the paints on the market reflect sunlight, komiya while at the same time causing the surface to heat up more.

The scientists behind the study; He says there are two main reasons why the paint is “the whitest paint in the world”. The first of these two reasons is that a very high concentration of barium sulfate, a chemical substance used in paint, photographic paper and cosmetics, is used. The second reason is the presence of different particle sizes of barium sulfate in the paint. Thanks to the wider size range, the light from the sun allows the spectrum to spread even more.


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Electrical Trains
The world’s first electrically powered freight train has landed on the rails in the USA. Here are the highlights of the new train.

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In order to zero carbon emissions and prevent climate change, more investments are made in electric vehicles and fossil fuel vehicles are abandoned. Although there are electric train lines in many parts of the world, all of them served as passenger trains.
However, the train named FLXdrive started to serve as the world’s first fully electric freight train.

The electric freight train, developed by the Pittsburgh-based US railway company Wabtec, can store 100 times more energy than a Tesla car and uses a 7 megawatt battery. A quarter of the carbon emissions created by transportation in the USA is rail freight transportation. For this reason, it is very important that trains become fully electrified.

The first time FLXdrive hits the rails, while not a big leap forward in tackling the climate crisis, offers hope for the future.

As more railroad companies move to new technologies in the future, it could enable the world’s most preferred travel and freight transport to become fully electrified.
iPhone will be able to detect depression and anxiety
Data such as sleep patterns, typing speed, walking habits and facial expressions from iPhones and Apple Watches will be used to diagnose problems such as cognitive decline that can lead to depression.
According to the news of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), which is based on the documents received from Apple and the statements of its employees, the US technology giant announced that it is working on a new technology that can detect mental health problems. Accordingly, users’ data stored on their devices will be used to diagnose cognitive decline problems. The researchers emphasized the importance of detecting serious problems early in this way.

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Experts said they will use data from iPhone sensors to look for digital signals linked to certain mental health conditions and process them with an algorithm.

Details on the new study came from two research projects that involved using the technology on devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch to predict mental health outcomes.

The first of these projects is led by researchers from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and is investigating stress, anxiety, and depression in partnership with Apple. The other project is working on cognitive disorders with the pharmaceutical company Biogen.

However, to effectively diagnose a mental health problem, patients must be closely monitored, the researchers said. It was noted that changes in phone usage behavior could be exploited, especially in areas where experts are not widely available.
UCLA has announced that its research into symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression began in 2020 with a pilot application using fall-tracking features on the Apple Watch and iPhone. The team expanded the project this year to use data from 3,000 people.

In this context, data from the camera, keyboard and sound sensors of iPhones are monitored. It then combines it with data on movement, sleep, and vital signs. Experts involved in the study also told the WSJ that they looked at users’ typing speed, the frequency of typos, the content they typed, and other digital signals. EARLY WARN AGAINST SERIOUS SITUATIONS

Biogen, on the other hand, has been working with a group of 20,000 participants who have been using iPhones and Apple Watches to monitor users’ cognitive function for two years. It is hoped that data from the study can be used to identify cognitive impairments that can lead to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Within the scope of Apple’s new project, it has been announced that people who are determined to be at risk will be warned, so that they will be treated early.
On the other hand, with the release of watchOS 8, Apple introduced the Mindfulness app, designed to help people breathe with the Apple Watch. He said he spoke with enthusiasm.

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Williams also talked about how his devices could be used to support other brain disorders and cognitive decline. On the other hand, it’s not clear how much tracking and personal data will be required for the new technology to work, but it’s likely that users need to trust Apple with important and highly sensitive personal information.